DB Global focuses on its core services to provide industry expertise tailor made solutions and value adding solutions to meet customer needs today and in future, The vertical team combine the appreciate products and services from our portfolio of Air freight, Ocean Freight, Trucking , Warehousing and Customs handling, solutions that match customers particular demands

  • 1. Air Freight Import and Export
  • 2. Ocean Freight Import and Export
  • 3. Trucking Services for Air & Sea Shipments
  • 4. Warehousing Facility
  • 5. Custom House Brokers For Air & Sea Shipments
  • 6. Project Handling
  • 7. Afghan Trade & Trucking via Torkham Border
  • 8. Door to Door Services for Import and Export
  • 9. Consulting For Procurements & Logistics Planning

Air Freight

DB Global, Provides for its customers time scheduled and reliable logistics services covering any importing-exporting processes in the scope of air cargo transportation with special attractive prices taken from airlines and the strong agency connections established in every part of the world, which are making us more exclusive to chase the customer's requirements and provide them pro services on competitive freight and earlier space reservation, for normal over dense or Dangerous goods as well.

Air Transport Services

  • Import/Export Shipments
  • Consolidation Services
  • Door to Door Delivery (DDU/DDP)
  • Customs clearance and Insurance Processes
  • Warehousing Services
  • Domestic Delivery Services
  • Express Service
  • Fast, Reliable and Economic Service

Sea Freight

DB Global Making the possibilities of reliable and economical global exchange of the goods in bulk as FCL / LCL Export/Import with the help of global partners or agencies and the agreements with the leader Shipping lines to provides complete (FCL), partial (LCL) container transportation services from any port of loading to any port of destination of the world with economical costs. Also providing Transportation, storage, customs clearance, and any kind of logistics & delivery solutions at the any part of the world.

Container Shipping Services

  • Regular and Weekly Import/Export Full (FCL) and Partial (LCL) consolidation Shipping Services
  • Handling of Break-bulk and out of gage cargo
  • Transit Shipments Via Karachi / Qasim port,
  • Special Container Options (Open-top, Flat rack, Reefer ...etc
  • Door to Door Delivery (DDU/DDP)
  • Warehousing facility
  • Customs clearance import/export and Insurance Processes

Land Transport

DB Global believe on the Availability of the products at the right place in the right time and make it ensured by controlled scheduling of the consignments through inland transportation,
Depending on the nature of the goods, container transport or conventional loading will be offered to match the customer´s requirements and providing transportation services from / to any airport / sea port as complete, partial and for bounded and non-bounded cargo and providing with customers handling, packaging, palletizing, bar coding, and consolidation services. Mostly two types of trucking involve.

  • BOUNDED: Bonded carrier facilities customer to clear customs at their desired LCDs
    1. NLC
    2. Railway
    3. Private Carrier
  • NON BOUNDED: Non bounded transportation is cheapest way of transportation but customer has to clear the goods at Karachi port.

Road Transport Services

  • Bounded & Non Bounded Trucking
  • Import/Export Shipments as Partial and Full
  • Door to Door Delivery (DDU/DDP)
  • Hard Sided Trucks
  • Domestic and Overseas Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing Services

Customs Brokerage

DB Global providing custom clearance services to its customers for the Export and import companies in a fruitful and fast way, (on all airports/seaports/dry ports) in Pakistan as well as in round the world through our agents chain, with the well-experienced staff, Our experienced customs brokers, backed by the latest in computer technology, will provide the fastest and most accurate customs clearance possible. We build a complete profile of all your tariff codes and product descriptions for efficiency. This information is constantly updated with new products included on a continual basis. It is provided for companies the fast and flawless service by using online data processing system for pre-register of customs declaration. Our customs brokerage staff ensures full compliance with all customs laws. We, thus able to assist in all customs related matters

  • Import Air / Sea clearance
  • Export Air / Sea clearance
  • Customs Warehousing
  • Duty Management
  • Advice on tariff quotas and classification


DB Global, providing for his customers to store their products and organize the delivery Services more professionally by overtaking their logistics activities. Besides of warehousing solutions, also offers internal operations upon his customer's requirements. Following services under the warehousing.

  • Bounded/Unbounded Warehousing Services
  • Quality Control
  • Stock Control
  • Palletizing
  • Labeling
  • Unpalletizing
  • Re-Packaging
  • Combining and Separating
  • Insurance Processes

Project Handling

DB Global provides a special service of projects handling, for the cargos that can’t be carried under normal conditions, with standard vehicles, and for carriage it is needed special vehicles and permissions. It is provided for customers the carriage of exposition cargos, machines used for big buildings, transformers, and furnace and as following.

  • Special Equipment Needed Shipment
  • Heavy Weight Shipments
  • Exposition Shipments
  • Factory and Production Line Shipments
  • Handling the Diplomatic Projects for import/export
  • Handling of Power Plant projects
  • Handling of the projects of heavy mechanical and engineering industry

Door To Door Delivery

DB Global is offering door-to-door delivery services for customers, who want to delivery their goods (Commercial and Non commercial, Baggage's/ Household goods) to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage. Leveraging on our extensive global network, we provide consolidation of international freight, air, ocean and ground transportation, ensuring the delivery within country and out countries round the world.

The highlights of our Door-to-Door Delivery Services include:

  • Door to door delivery movement Cargo/Baggage (by Air/ Sea / Rail & Road).
  • Cargo Pick up & delivery round the clock
  • Time bond guaranteed door delivery
  • Warehousing and Distribution of cargo

Afghan Trade Transit

We can handle cargo movement to Afghanistan through Pakistan from over the world origins, either its Commercial or Non Commercial cargo. Our service include clearance, trucking, off loading, of COC reloading on trucking or SOC to Kabul, Hirat, Kandhar, Badghram, Jalalabad. Satellite phone facility is also available for tracking the cargo, Infect security and safe delivery is our policy. Mode of Transportation for Afghanistan is by Rail (Karachi to Peshawar) and by Road via Trucks (Karachi / Peshawar to Kabul & Torkham)

Consulting For Procurements & Logistics Planning

DB Global have full professional senior staff to guide and tender consultancy in International Procurements for those companies who prefer to out sourcing in commercial and industrial purchasing, to develop the skills for seeking the strong sources and sellers from international market, and consulting them for international logistics movements and documentations. Which make the customer and our vendor more strength in their relevant area.